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Solar LED Lights

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If you're looking for a reliable way to light up your home this season, you have just found it. Solar LED Lights are the perfect option for lighting up your yard, patio, or even your front porch. These lights are lightweight, easy to install and come with a five-year warranty. They can withstand various weather conditions for all-around use from the sun to rain!

The Solar Led Lights are the perfect solution for dusk-to-dawn lighting. There is no switch for the solar light it turns on automatically at dusk and turns off automatically at dawn. This waterproof, weatherproof lighting fixture will provide you with enough light for your outdoor area and is easy to install.


  • Can be fixed in any place that can be fixed with tape and screws.
  • Safe, quiet, and bright alternative to traditional lights. With the ease of solar power, these LED lights can be used anywhere without worrying about using up valuable energy.
  • Well-suited for illuminating stairs, paths, gardens, decks, lighting front doors, backyards, driveways, garages, outdoor walls, etc.

Product Details

Brightness: 3 lumens
Size: 7.5x5x3.5cm
Light color: warm white
Material: ABS
Light source power: 5 (W)
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Working time: full power on 8-10h
Light source: a led lamp bead
Protection level: IP65
Voltage: 1.2 (V)

Package Includes

4pcs(4 lamps + 4 stickers + 8 screws)
8pcs(8 lamps + 8 stickers + 16 screws)
12pcs(12 lamps + 12 stickers + 24 screws)
16pcs(16 lamps + 16 stickers + 32 screws)


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Solar LED Lights - Quality Home Shop

Solar LED Lights

Regular price   $39.99 USD Sale price   $19.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cleo Zemlak

All super. For now I am very satisfied. This brand lasts many hours, and works! While small they conceal nicely. This brand is a slightly cooler white Thank you.

Mylene Ledner

We were looking for something to replace the solar step lights for our deck. We ordered a few different ones to try, including these. I wasn’t sure at first how they would work out as it seemed that attaching them to the step itself would be a tripping hazard, but I had a few ideas of other places to possibly use them. As it turned out, my son came up with the idea to attach them to the sides of each step, and I LOVE them! They are just enough light on each side of the step and are not a tripping hazard! And I love the look as opposed the the former lights we had that were on the riser of the step. They are not real bright but pairing them up with one on each side of the step gives the perfect amount of illumination. Installation was a breeze too! Definitely worth the money!

Anibal Nienow

When I first saw this I wondered if it would fit into the screen of my pool area, I thought it would look cute if it fit. It does fit! Funny enough the number of lights is the exact amount I needed to make the lights be spaced out the same (symmetrical).
The lights are not the brightest, but I am really satisfied on how it looks at night. My favorite part is that they are solar, so I don’t have to worry about batteries or energy bills.
They all came individually packaged which I appreciate. It comes with screws and bolts, but I used one of those magic tapes

Conner Labadie

Good quality and works flawlessly. The intention to repurchase is sufficient, and the shop response is also kind and trustworthy.

Ernestina Bode

I can’t say enough positive things about these lights. I will first start with I painted them black to match my railings. I saw another reviewer installed theirs on the side of the steps to not have the lights in the middle of the stairs where they could be stepped on. I actually found this application to be perfect for our needs. The adhesive actually sticks quite well. I left them on that way for over a month until we decided we better screw them in if we were going to power wash the stairs. No complaints here. They were easy to install, they are super bright and just all around a simple easy application.

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